several of iraninan physists


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 several Iranian physists

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jondab fazari , Jaber ibn Hayyan , Kharazmi, Abu saeed sejzi , Abu reyhan birooni , Avicenna , ibneheytham , Khaje toosi are several of iraninan scientists that have a most important rule in development of scienc.

They made a lot of important instruments and had theories about world principels.

For example Avicenna’s observations about the transit of Venus and his Debates with abu reyhan birooni.

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Iran as one of the most civilized country in human history, has Trained scientists and physicists.

We observe that many scientific theories and methods have been the result of their efforts.

Rise of Islam maked a new piriod in iran history.

Iran as the cradle of Islamic civilization Envisioned , the great scientists such as Ibn Haytham, Avicenna, Biruni, Al-Kharazmi, and ….

We will speak about several of them and their works.

several Iranian physists

Abu ishagh jondab fazari :

He was the first Muslim astronomers that made ​​an astrolabe in the Islamic era.

Jaber ibn Hayyan
he is one of the scientists who works in the context of Kimia, religion, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, astronomy and music.

Abu Abdullah Mohammad ibn Mousa Kharazmi

 He provide Atlas of maps of the heavens and the earth.

famous Kharazmi book is Aljabr that is written in Arabic language

ebne Kasir is one of iranian astronomers and mathematicians

his book Aljavame elme nojoom is the first comprehensive book on Islamic astronomy periods.

Abu Abdul Rahman Sufi Razi : He discovered Couple stars without a telescope and corrected Ptolemy’s theory.

Abu saeed sejzi

He made a perfect Astrolabe with considering earth and seven planets and Static planet’s celestial.

Abu reyhan birooni

 He Find density of some metals and minerals with using a device called a “penis cone”.

He Realized the land on earth with scientific principles of geographical and geological that later  Columbus discovered America.

Abu Reyhan have on theoretical works on mineral too.

Avicenna‘s observations about the transit of Venus and his Debates with abu reyhan is famous.

ibneheytham Scientific discoveries :

The first principle of dynamic

Wave theory of light propagation

straight  propagation of light

Classification of things based on the ability to transmit light

Mechanical interpretation of reflection

Khaje toosi is another of iraninan scientists and Politician that established Maragheh observatory.


Renaissance in the West However is a forward development but didn’t make Suddenly and the efforts of many scientists, especially iranian scientists has been Effective in its creation.


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